Sr. No. Title of Programme Eligibility Course Duration
Minimum Maximum *
1 Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights Graduation or eq. 1 Year 3 Years
2 Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics & Public Nutrition B.Sc Food & Nutrition or eq. 1 Year 3 Years
3 Post Graduate Diploma in Maternal & Child Health MBBS or eq. 1 Year 3 Years
4 Post Graduate Diploma in Food Safety & Quality Management Graduation in Science/ Food Sc. 1 Year 3 Years
5 Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital & Health Management Medical & Dental Graduates with 3 years of experience or MBA/PG candidates in Financial, Material or Personal Mgmt with 5 year of Hospital Experience 1 Year 3 Years
6 Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application Graduation or eq. 1 Year 3 Years
7 Post Graduate Certificate in Patent Practice LLB/Graduation in Law or eq. 1 Year 3 Years

* Maximum duration refers to the Maximum time allowed for the completion of that course. If the student fails to complete it within this period full fees will have to be paid again.